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Applications are open for the Leadership Academy!

During the eight-week program, you'll be surrounded by like-minded, high-achieving peers who share your passion for making a real-world impact. You’ll learn about challenges inherent in the industrial animal agriculture system and the leadership skills required to enact systems change.

This program is more than just an online course—it's a collaborative space where ideas are nurtured, friendships are formed, and collective goals are pursued. By applying to the Leadership Academy, you’ll have the opportunity to be considered for the yearlong fellowship.

The Leadership Academy is offered on a pay-what-you-can basis.

The curriculum includes expert-led coursework from multiple arenas, including:

Policy & Law

Learn how civic engagement and the legislative process can be leveraged  to create a more just and sustainable food system.

Media Arts & Journalism

Discover the power of storytelling to influence public opinion and create real-world impact.

Health & Wellness

Understand the harms factory farming inflicts upon human well-being, and how to build healthier communities.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Explore how technology and business can come together to build momentum to support the end of factory farming.

Program Schedule

Every week, there will be three 4-hour sessions consisting of

  1. An interactive lecture by a partner organization
  2. A guided discussion with our education team
  3. A social lab
  4. An elective event

Learning Journey


What are the eligibility criteria?
When is the application deadline?
How much does the program cost?
Is there financial aid available?
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What if I can’t make all of the required meetings?
What’s the total time commitment?
I have more questions, who should I reach out to?
What is the application process for the Leadership Academy?

Teaching Team

Leadership Development Team

Discussion Leads

Hear from program alumni

“New Roots Institute [is] where I discovered that it's not just climate, but the well-being of all species that truly matters... I'm excited to express my dedication and share my research [at] the Climate Justice and Health Lab at NYU.” - Pooja Sharma, Leadership Academy, Summer 2023
“I came to New Roots very unsure of my potential for advocacy, but your encouragement through the program helped me see how I can merge positive change and animal rights with my career goals, and that the work doesn't have to end with New Roots!“ - Bethel Mengisto, Leadership Academy, Summer 2023

Student Project Successes

Plant-Based Defaults

In the last two years, our students had successful plant-based default campaigns at Cornell University, the Issaquah School District in Seattle, Pomona College, and San Diego State University.

Campus Coalitions

One of our fellows organized a broad-based coalition at New York University to lock in the plant-based commitments secured by former New Roots Institute students on campus.


In the last year, our fellows organized very successful veg fest events at the University of California Los Angeles and Pomona College. These events were attended by over 1100 people!

Schools with Current Fellows

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