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Empowering the next generation to end factory farming.

Why end factory farming?

Our Strategy

Classroom Lessons

"Keith is an amazing educator, with the ability to captivate an audience, get a message across, and allow students to understand their opportunity to make decisions and what some of those choices could be."
- High School Teacher, Cleveland Region

Thousands of teachers have invited our skilled educators into their high school and college classrooms to inspire critical thinking about the connections between industrial animal agriculture and current key issues affecting us all—including impacts on animals, workers, the environment, and human health.

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Leadership Development

"Throughout the program, I learned how to become an effective advocate for not only animal rights, but for any issue I feel inspired to work on. Becoming familiar with the reality of factory farming made a lot of my hopes for activism and advocacy seem more clear, and I learned that I am capable of making much more change than I ever even considered."
- Spring 2023 Fellow, Rutgers University

Our Leadership Academy offers high school and college students the opportunity to dig deeper into the impacts and solutions of factory farming and receive training in effective communication, advocacy, and leadership skills.

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