Our Alumni Network

Those who complete the entire fellowship become alumni. Alumni receive continued support from New Roots Institute and remain a part of the New Roots Institute Leadership Program and part of a wider, life-long network of alumni.

Looking long-term, we are working to create the largest and most effective network of exceptional anti-factory farming advocates. With our Alumni Network, we are working to build a large enough base of members to allow for advocacy within all sectors and movements.

Benefits of the Alumni Network include:

  • Connections to jobs, internships, and project funding opportunities
  • Career panels
  • Networking hours
  • One-on-one career coaching
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Introductions to professionals
  • Ongoing programming (Alumni Fellowship)

Alumni Achievements

Our alumni have launched high-impact careers in a wide variety of industries and sectors, leading change for farmed animals in the various academic and professional communities to which they belong. The following is a small representative sample:

Working at New Roots Institute
Working with nonprofits on public policy
Working on changes to school dining services
Started advocacy organizations
Sustainability positions
Health & Medicine
Media & Communication examples