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Join thousands of professors who have invited our skilled educators into their college and university classrooms to inspire critical thinking about the connections between industrial animal agriculture and current key issues affecting us all—including impacts on animals, workers, the environment, and human health.

Each of our lectures can be customized to support your course subject matter and your students’ needs. Our educators create a highly interactive experience, rooted in inquiry-based learning to encourage dynamic discussions and lead your students to consider our food system through an expanded lens.

In-person lessons are available at the following locations:

Northeast: New York City, Portland (ME)

South: Charleston, SC

Midwest: Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit

West: San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego

New Roots Institute is a 501(c)3. Our educational outreach is funded by private foundations and donors.

Hear from Past Teachers & Students

“I was teaching argumentative writing in my classes, and Erin's presentation offered an effective context to discuss the efficacy of arguments in diverse contexts. It was a great presentation overall.”
- Professor, University of San Francisco
“I am truly disgusted by the practice of factory farming and the impact it has not only on the environment but on the people. I am shocked at how oblivious people are and the need for further education. While I agree that the lack of knowledge stems from the lack of education, it is no excuse and it is our duty to educate ourselves and become better informed consumers. I appreciated the lesson I received today and will work to educate those around me and better myself.”
- College Sophomore, University of San Diego

Topics We Can Discuss

Environment and Climate Change
Social Justice
Human Health