Joshua Kidwell

Joshua Kidwell serves as an Educator for our Portland, Maine hub, overseeing educational outreach in the surrounding area.

Joshua has over a decade of experience working for youth development and non-profit organizations. After graduating from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in English, Joshua spent four years as a middle school teacher and sports coach. Following his time in the classroom, Joshua earned a M.S. in Sports Analytics & Management from American University. Since then, he has held several leadership positions for non-profit organizations focused on youth sports, outdoor education, career exploration, and college preparation. Over the past few years, a number of personal events have led Joshua down a path of discovery and self-education. He has become extremely passionate about our nation-wide health troubles, current animal agriculture system, dire climate crisis, and most importantly, the undeniable connection between all of these issues. His goal is to utilize his skills as an educator to increase awareness of these topics to students in not just Portland, but all of Southern Maine. When he isn’t working with students, Joshua enjoys traveling with his wife, having dance parties with his daughter, losing money at fantasy football, and whipping up vegan meals for his family.

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